At the Windjammer, We’re Green…Really Green

At The Best Western Windjammer Inn and Conference Center  our “green” initiatives have been put in place to help preserve our natural resources, reduce waste, encourage recycling and promote energy efficiency.  Our efforts have made an enormous impact on our environment and we are very proud to be the first Vermont hotel to have been issued the EPA’s ENERGY STAR certification.


Did you know:

  • The average 150-room hotel contributes 3 tons of greenhouse gases to our global environment every day.
  • The average 150 room hotel’s annual greenhouse gas emissions is equivalent to driving 200 cars, heating and lighting 100 homes or taking 5,000 airplane rides.
  • In one month a 150-room hotel can save more than 22,714 liters of water and 151 liters of detergent with a linen and towel reuse program.

The Best Western Windjammer Inn and Conference Center is proud to have implemented many green initiatives in order to become an eco-friendly, ENERGY STAR rated hotel. These initiatives include but are not limited to:

  • Linen/towel re-use program
  • Low-flow shower heads
  • Recycled/FSC paper products
  • Dimmer controls on lighting
  • Recycling program (guest rooms, public areas, offices)
  • HVAC efficiency control system with programmable thermostats
  • Energy-efficient CFL lighting
  • Motion sensor light switches in public restrooms and offices
  • Compost kitchen waste
  • Ionic (Ozone) laundry
  • Installed bottle-free water filtration system
  • ENERGY STAR appliances.

We are extremely proud of our efforts but have many goals to still accomplish in order to reduce our carbon footprint further. We have recently become an official participant in the EcoStay Program . Through this program, our hotel is adding a $2 nominal fee to each room night in support of environmental actions, that help make your stay completely carbon neutral and good for the planet. $1.50 is used to purchase carbon offsets from emissions-reducing projects around the country. $0.50 is used to make on-site and local eco-improvements.    As of December 2011, the Best Western Windjammer Inn had offset 81% of their annual carbon footprint.  917.5 tons of carbon offests have been purchased from emission reducing projects.  That’s eqivalent to taking 66,978 cars off the road for a day!

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